Hello! I’m Jeremy Sim.

I'm a novelist, short story writer, and game writer.

Scroll down to check out my video game work, read my short stories, and find out about the exciting projects I'm working on right now.

I write for video games.

I'm currently working with En Masse Entertainment in Seattle, Washington, building the world of Kritika Online and the next generation of great action MMORPGs.

I'm also a scriptwriter for Amplitude Studios' Endless Space 2, a sci-fi 4X game whose writing was recently lauded by PC World as "a cut above [the rest]."

I write short fiction.

My short stories have appeared in top magazines like Cicada and the Hugo-nominated Beneath Ceaseless Skies. You can peruse them here.

I'm working on a visual novel called Airy Nothings.

Airy Nothings is the debut project of Turtlemouse Productions, a little video game studio I founded with my friend Farah Rishi in 2016. We aim to create high-quality, well-written games for women with an eye toward diversity and inclusion.

Airy Nothings is being developed for PC.

Progress to Kickstarter: 80%

I'm working on a fantasy novel called The Circle of Shan.

The Circle of Shan (working title) is what happens when all the things I loved in my adolescence—epic fantasy, superheroes, and Chinese mythology—get mashed up into one confusing jumble of joy.

It's Ender's Game meets Avatar: The Legend of Korra in a world filled with political intrigue, clashes of wit, and unexpected friendships.

Detailed description to come. :)

Manuscript Progress: 40%

Let's talk!

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